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May-The month of Blessed Mary

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Blessed Mother Mary

Traditionally,catholic church dedicate the month of may for Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of our lord, Jesus Christ. Except for the first few days, I was blessed by lord to spend some time for praying to mother Mary through out this month. I am very happy to say that through out those days, i had a kind of protection from someone strange(you may not believe) from all kind of threats and accidents in my daily life.

I started those prayers with an intention of getting a thing done in my life. But as the days passed, I got the belief that our lives are more valuable to god and he knows what we need and what we deserve. Even if we dont ask, our lovely father in heaven will give us more than we require IF we follow his commands and we care him and love him. Every day of the month of May, I had to read some prayers and I heard about various incidents happened all over the world through the intercession of mother Mary.

It is the God himself who gave her as our mother and as sinners, we are not worthy to ask anything to god directly. But as a human and the mother of the SON OF GOD, Mary stands for us for all our help and needs.

I write this just for some of my friends who believe in Christ, but not yet ready to worship his mother. I just want to ask you that how can you forget the love of a mother. Which son will love you if he knows that you don’t like or respect his mom.

In my home, I have a small statue of mother Mary which is a constant companion of mine for past 15 years. Through out my bachelors, masters and doctoral degree study time, it was there with me. Wherever i lived and traveled, I could take it with me and now it shines in my living room blessing my small family.  Whenever I look at her, I feel like she is smiling at me. I believe that it is mother Mary whom we should pray everyday for keeping us safe from all diseases and dangers.

This world is currently loving more violence , terrorism and adultery than a happy and a peaceful life. It is really the time we should change our lifestyle and pray to god and ask for forgiveness and pardon for our sins and lead a life where no more violence , hatred and killing each other.

With love and prayers…..


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June 3rd, 2014 at 8:37 am

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